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Pre-register today AND in addition to a free registration for the summit, receive a free copy of the Society of NonProfit Board Directors' most recent publication, included in your free registration:
"7 Ideas for Better Board Dynamics"
Pre-register today
Our last in-person event sold out 3 times over so we're opening just a few more spots for our virtual event!
Now, for a limited time, we're opening up the possibility to learn from board directors all over
From: Mark Buzan
Location: Gatineau, Quebec, CANADA
Yes, it's true! Board directors, like you, are the real leaders who are stepping up. They make the extra effort to better themselves and connect with others as passionate as themselves for making a difference in this world.
But here's the thing: We've found that the best learning comes not from training but from your colleagues at live and web events. That's why we're pre-registering people for a special live-only event where you'll learn:
  • Governance
  • Working better with your chief staff officer
  • Best practices on volunteer management
  •  Becoming better in understanding board financial statements
Learn From The Best, and You Will Achieve the Best!
Here's the thing...there's nothing like exchanging frank ideas off colleagues - a sounding board on the challenges faced by busy professionals like you. Pre-registering for the coming Society of NonProfit Board Directors web summit means you'll get exactly this chance.
Speakers still to be confirmed for our 2020 event BUT here's what you'll learn:
  • Governance - How to adapt what works best for your board
  • Better Board dynamics - Promoting board and board/staff harmony
  • Where and how your organization can position itself for growth - Everything from fundraising, membership growth, and value propositions
  • Being better at understanding board financials - Learn what to look for to meaningfully contribute to board discussions
  • Tips and advice to move your board meetings along - Bye, bye long boring meetings!
Attending will give you a unique perspective as a board member. 

Attending this event is completely free.
Strong board leaders invest in themselves
Every board encounters many of the same challenges
What you allow is what you continue.
Take what you learn here and make your board even better
Pre-Register Now
Mark Buzan
P.S. : We're really keen to see you with us as we plan out this event. The last time I tried to put together an event for board directors in person, we sold out three times over (we needed to keep asking the venue for more space)! Because we're moving this to a web summit, we can accommodate more people BUT to keep with the spirit of an intimate exchange between board directors, we can't keep the doors open forever. Priority will be given on a "first come, first serve" basis.
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